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Active safety features

Active safety features are designed to prevent dangerous situations that can affect your driving, including situations that are unpredictable and external and those at the fault of the driver.

The most important active safety features include:

  • Driving stability: The design of the running gear suspension and cornering stability improves driving stability by influencing steering precision, braking power and braking stability.
  • Occupants' physical well-being: This feature ensures minimal stress placed on the driver and passenger resulting from vibrations, noise of the running gear and engine, and interior climate.
  • Perceptual safety: Your perception of your surroundings is improved by appropriately designed car lighting and excellent all-round and rearward visibility with as few blind spots as possible.
  • Operating safety: To ensure optimal safety, all operating levers and switches have a logical and intuitive arrangement within easy reach of the driver seat. These controls include the lights, windscreen wipers, air conditioning, radio and more.