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MacPherson Strut

MacPherson struts refer to a particular form of independent suspension on the front axle of a car.

The McPherson strut takes over the tasks of a steering rod and serves simultaneously for suspension and vibration damping. The advantages of this system are, firstly, the space and weight-saving construction, and secondly, the large spring travel. The connection of the control arm to the subframe is implemented by means of two rubber-metal bearings. By making a functional separation according to longitudinal forces (front bearing) and transverse forces (rear bearing), it is possible to achieve an optimum level of agility, driving safety and comfort without them interfering with each other.

In practice, this axle construction is noticeable because of its comfortable ride and high degree of driving safety.

For its current car range, SEAT designed its suspensions with MacPherson struts on the front axle.