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Bluetooth creates the conditions that allow your different portable devices, such as mobile phones, laptops or personal digital assistants (PDAs), to connect wirelessly. The connection exists as a radio link between the devices’ transmitting and receiving units. The data transfer takes place on a worldwide, royalty-free, transmission frequency of 2.4 GHz (Gigahertz) with a data transfer rate of up to one megabit per second. The interface transmitting power is 1 Watt. This permits around 10 metres to be covered, in other words, enough space to crosslink individual devices inside your car. The low transmitting power enhances device security because it prevents “eavesdropping”. It’s also immune to interference from electromagnetic radiation.

To protect against interception of data during transfer, each Bluetooth device is given what is called a “profile”. This profile consists of an assigned code, guaranteed to be unique worldwide, which devices can use to identify themselves when they want to communicate with each other. For added protection when transmitting, a 128-bit data encryption key is generated anew with each operation.

We offer this modern and easy method of data transmission in many of our models.