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The Climatronic System ensures a higher degree of well-being, comfort and safety for the occupants of your SEAT.

A pleasant sustained temperature helps you maintain your concentration and reaction speed while driving. In addition, you and your passengers will arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed.

The Climatronic System automatically takes over all necessary settings throughout your car to ensure a pleasant climate with a through-flow of air that is as draught-free as possible.

With a conventional air conditioner, power must be continuously readjusted to counteract factors like sunlight and heat emitted from the engine, the exhaust system and more. With Climatronic, sensors gather data about the changes in sunlight and the interior or exterior temperature.

By automatically adjusting the air temperature, fan speed and the operation of the air distribution flaps, the electronic control system maintains the preselected interior temperature. In some SEAT models, it’s even possible to adjust different temperatures for the driver or passenger side.

Furthermore, Climatronic allows users to defrost fogged or iced-up windows simply by pressing a button. In this case, the entire air flow is directed to the inside of the windscreen with maximum heating and fan power.

If the outdoor temperature is above 0°C, the cooling unit for drying the air is turned on at the same time as the Climatronic. In cars with a large interior, such as the Alhambra, a dual air conditioning system makes it possible to individually regulate the temperature and airflow in the rear passenger area.

Climatronic also has a positive effect on the resale value of your car.