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Four-Wheel Drive (4Drive)

The technology behind the 4Drive all-wheel drive system is among the most modern and efficient of its kind in the world. Using a fifth-generation Haldex clutch, 4Drive reacts instantly to every conceivable driving situation, giving you more grip and agility, whatever the conditions. This results in improved traction, stability and grip on the road.

As the permanent SEAT four-wheel drive system, 4Drive constantly monitors driving conditions and reacts to the slightest wheel slippage, delivering extra traction to the wheels with the most grip. All this happens in milliseconds, through control units linked to the car's dynamic sensors, engine management system and gearbox.

At the heart of the system is an inter-axle differential. The differential's job is to share power between the front and rear axle, sending it where it's most needed. At the same time, the smaller differences in rotational speed when cornering or manoeuvring are balanced to stop torsional stresses in the drive train. In addition, the differential must be able to work with the car's other active safety systems such as anti-slip braking (ABS) and the Electronic Stability Control (ESC).