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Satellite Navigation

The satellite navigation is an electronic system for route guidance. It guides the driver along the best route to any desired destination, by means of acoustic announcements and visually displayed directions. The system is made up of the following main elements: GPS aerial, navigation computer and display.

With the aid of the GPS aerial (Global Positioning System), the position can be determined by the navigation system, which is located in a geostationary orbit around the earth. This signal makes it possible to determine the exact location of the car on the earth’s surface within just a few metres.

The computer is able to calculate the car’s route by using these constantly updated positions of the moving car and by comparing it with the values provided by the wheel speed sensors of the anti-lock braking system (ABS). For this purpose, it requires the complete road network in digitised form as its base information. This information is compiled on a data medium (CD-ROM or DVD), to which the computer of the navigation system has access.

Especially for frequent drivers, satellite navigation is now considered to be an indispensable tool, since it allows the driver to concentrate fully during traffic situations.