The SEAT advocates a corporate compliance culture and is bound by both national and international legislation in addition to internal regulations of the Company and of the Volkswagen Group.

Therefore, and because we consider that transparency and trust are essential to the sustainability and long term success of the Company, the SEAT provides its employees, business partners and other third parties with Anti-corruption Guidelines (English version / German version) as well as with the following whistleblowing channels:


This email account is managed by our Internal Auditing department as a tool to report evidence of corruption or other irregularities or acts of noncompliance with law, with the principles contained in our Code of Conduct or with our internal rules.

Additionally, you may also get in contact directly through the free phone number 00 34 900 103 220.

The Internal Auditing department carries out independent and objective assessments ensuring maximum confidentiality to all users of this reporting channel.

Ombudsman System

The SEAT, as an integrated part of the Volkswagen Group, benefits from the Ombudsman System, through which information related to corruption may be securely reported.

The Ombudsmen of the Volkswagen Group are two independent lawyers who are bound by the oath of professional secrecy to keep the identity of the informants strictly anonymous and treat the data provided in the strictest confidence.

For further information about the Volkswagen Ombudsman System, click here