Key Fleet CO₂ values

The CO2 emissions of a car are used to determine a range of charges and benefits, from Benefit-in-Kind and Vehicle Excise Duty to plug-in grants and exemption from congestion charges.

The information below shows the key CO2 figures you should be aware of and what charges and benefits they influence.


g/km emissions


Exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty, 1st year, standard rate and premium rate.

Eligible for 100% WDA

From October 2021 only zero-emission vehicles will be exempt from London Congestion Charge

Exempt from charge in Oxford’s proposed clean air zone

1% BIK 2021/22 tax year

2% BIK 2022/23 to 2024/25 tax years



The highest emission value that you can claim 18% Writing Down Allowance.

The upper limit for offsetting 100% of lease costs against taxable profits. Above this level the lease rental restriction limits the offset to 85% of lease costs.

Maximum CO2 whereby zero-emissions range is used to determine BIK rate

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