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The Cost of Electric Cars

Buying and owning a hybrid car

Whilst the on the road price of a hybrid car may appear higher than a traditional petrol or diesel at first glance, when you take into consideration the fuel and running costs, plus local incentives such as reduced parking permits and free charging, it may help you save when you switch. 

Charge at home or on the road

If you have off-street parking, you can charge your e-HYBRID using a standard three pin plug. When you’re out and about, you can also use one of the many on street chargers that are appearing across the country. In less familiar territory, you can find your nearest charger using  Zap-Map.

Cost benefits of e–HYBRID for business

By switching your company cars to hybrid cars, you could see the whole life cost of your fleet reduce. To discover more, visit our dedicated fleet section to read more about Benefit-in-Kind and try our Company Car Tax calculator.

Want to learn more about charging an e-hybrid vehicle?

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