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The perfect tyre for your SEAT

Tyre maintenance is vital for vehicle safety, performance, and efficiency. Having the correct tyres ensure you have optimal traction and fuel economy playing a key role in overall driving comfort.

All-season tyres

Common in the UK All-season tyres offer year-round versatility removing the need to switch tyres based on the season. They provide grip in both cold and warmer temperatures and dry or wet conditions alike, however aren’t as capable as specialist seasonal tyres.

Winter tyres

Their unique tread patterns and rubber compounds provide superior traction on icy and snow-covered roads, significantly improving braking distances and overall control.
These tires are designed to remain pliable in cold temperatures, ensuring they maintain grip when all-season tires might harden and lose effectiveness.

Summer tyres

For use in warm, dry conditions, they offer drivers exceptional grip and precise handling. The tread patterns and rubber compounds ensure the best performance during hot weather, enhancing overall control and responsiveness. They also contribute to fuel efficiency due to lower rolling resistance.



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