Apple CarPlay

Driving will never be the same

Imagine if all the things you use your iPhone for every day were possible to do while driving. From maps, to messaging, to music, Apple CarPlay™ lets you do exactly that, seamlessly and safely.

What’s Apple CarPlay?

CarPlay takes all your favourite iPhone features, and brings them seamlessly into your car. It’s a safer way to stay connected to all the things you love while you’re out on the road, and it’s all controlled using Siri voice commands and gestures, or your car’s inbuilt display.

What can you do?

Getting started with CarPlay is as easy as, well, using your iPhone. All you do is connect it to your SEAT’s USB port, configure it once, and you’re good to go. You can control all your favourite apps from your steering wheel, or activate Siri and use voice commands to message your friends, find your way around, or choose music while you drive.

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