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More ways to communicate

With your hands firmly on the steering wheel and your eyes fixated on the road, it can be difficult communicating with others when driving. But thanks to MirrorLink TM, you can read and answer messages through voice recognition while safely sitting in comfort.

MirrorLink explained

MirrorLink technology comes heaven sent for those who want to be connected at all times. Just plug in your compatible smartphone to your SEAT, and you’ll be ready to safely use your device without taking your eyes off the road. Full Link compatibility is dependent on the car model and the specific country.


MirrorLink gives you full access to compatible mobile apps in an easy and safe way. Features such as ‘Read To Me’, which literally reads your messages and syncs social media updates will ensure you not only have fun behind the wheel, but stay connected at all times.


How it works

To set up and start enjoying a completely new driving experience, you simply have to connect your smartphone (Android OS only) to the USB port in your car. This allows you to control your phone through buttons on the steering wheel, the built-in touchscreen display or with voice recognition.

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