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Terms and Conditions 

1. Roadside and Home Assistance

What is covered:
Roadside Assistance is available if the Eligible Vehicle is stranded on the highway or at the home address. If, following a breakdown, a patrol or appointed agent cannot fix the Eligible Vehicle within a reasonable time, it will be taken to a SEAT Service Partner or to a local destination of Your choice, provided it is no further; SEAT Assistance will make a telephone call at Your request following a breakdown.

What is not covered:
The cost of spare parts, fuel, oil, keys or other materials required to repair the Eligible Vehicle or any supplier delivery or call-out charges related to these items; The cost of any labour, other than that provided by SEAT Assistance or its agents under Your SEAT Assistance at the scene of the breakdown or accident; Any additional transport or other costs that You might incur or any incidental expenses that may arise during a recovery. SEAT Assistance cannot accept any costs for passengers who do not accompany the vehicle while it is being recovered; Routine maintenance and running repairs e.g. radios, interior light bulbs, heated rear windows; Assistance following a breakdown or accident attended by the police, highways agency or other emergency service, until the services concerned have authorised the vehicle's removal. If the police, highways agency or emergency service insist on recovery by a third party, the cost of this must be met by You; A second or subsequent recovery, after the Eligible Vehicle has been recovered following a breakdown; All things excluded under General Terms of Service.

2. Relay

What is covered:
Relay is available when SEAT Assistance provides either Roadside Assistance or Home Assistance and SEAT Assistance cannot arrange a local repair within a reasonable time; Relay provides recovery of the Eligible Vehicle, up to a maximum of seven passengers to a SEAT Service Partner or any single destination of Your choice on the UK mainland or in Northern Ireland (see also General Terms of Service).

What is not covered:

  • Relay will not be provided if We are able to arrange a prompt local repair within a reasonable time
  • Recovery of the Eligible Vehicle to a SEAT Service Partner if the Eligible Vehicle is at or within a quarter of a mile or less of the Home Address
  • Recovery of an immobilised vehicle where we consider this to be part of a commercial activity, for example, to, from or for motor dealers or delivery companies
  • The recovery of a vehicle being used for racing, rallying, trials or time trials, auto tests or other motor sport events
  • The recovery of any vehicle that we consider would be dangerous or illegal for us to load or transport (including, but not limited to, overloaded vehicles)
  • A second or subsequent recovery (e.g. the return journey from Your chosen destination or following a further breakdown of the Eligible Vehicle)
  • Any costs for passengers who do not accompany the Eligible vehicle while it is being recovered under Relay
  • The recovery of any vehicles bearing trade plates and/or which we have reason to believe have just been imported or purchased at auction
  • The recovery or horses or livestock
  • Ferry costs

3. Onward Travel

What is covered:
Onward Travel is available if the Eligible Vehicle is immobilised following a breakdown which SEAT Assistance has attended under Roadside Assistance or Home Assistance where SEAT Assistance cannot arrange a prompt local repair. You may choose from either a replacement vehicle OR overnight accommodation OR public transport costs (see below for full details of what is covered under each benefit).

What is not covered:
Onward Travel cannot be provided retrospectively except in exceptional circumstances that may be agreed by SEAT Assistance at its discretion.

Onward Travel benefit options:

A: Temporary loan vehicle:

What is covered:
This benefit consists of arranging and paying for a replacement vehicle plus third party and fully comprehensive insurance, for up to 5 working days from an AA chosen supplier. If the car of the requested category is not available, the replacement should be made using a similar or equivalent category of car. Where possible, and unless the receipt of the hire vehicle is delayed at Your request and with SEAT Assistance’s agreement, SEAT Assistance will arrange for any replacement vehicle to be provided by the supplier around the time and point of the relevant breakdown. If the hire vehicle is not taken at that time, You are responsible for arranging delivery direct with the relevant supplier. SEAT Assistance may be prepared to assist in the making of these arrangements.

What is not covered:
Other charges arising from Your use of the hire vehicle, such as (without limitation) fuel costs, any insurance excess charges, and charges arising if You keep the vehicle for more than the agreed hours provision identified in Onward Travel Benefit Options (A) Temporary Loan Vehicle “What is covered” above. Replacement vehicles cannot be supplied with a tow bar, and therefore Your caravan or trailer will have to, if eligible, be recovered under Relay with Your Vehicle.

Please note: Replacement cars are supplied to You by SEAT Assistance chosen suppliers. The vehicle hire agreement will be between You and the relevant supplier and will be subject to that supplier's Terms & Conditions. These will usually require or include (amongst other things):

  • Production of a full driving licence valid at the time of issue of the hire vehicle;
  • Limits on acceptable endorsements;
  • Limitations on the availability and/or engine capacity of the replacement vehicle;
  • A cash or credit card deposit e.g. for fuel;
  • Drivers to be aged at least 18 years and to have held a full driving licence for at least 12 months.


B: Public transport costs

SEAT Assistance will reimburse reasonable public transport costs incurred by the Driver and up to a maximum of seven passengers travelling to a single UK mainland destination. Claims should be made in writing and sent together with proofs of purchases and receipts to: SEAT Assistance, The AA, Relay Plus Claims, Agency Accounts, Fanum House, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 4EA. Any claim for transport costs must be submitted to us within 28 days of the relevant breakdown and will be subject to the limit stated above.

What is covered

Additional expenses from one or a combination of:

  • Contribution towards hiring an alternative vehicle;
  • Air fares (economy)
  • Rail fares (first class)
  • Local taxi fares up to 100 Euros


C: Overnight accommodation

SEAT Assistance will arrange and pay directly for one night's bed and breakfast on the day of the breakdown at a hotel of its choice up a total of £300.00. Please note that any additional costs incurred during overnight accommodation such as other meals, drinks, telephone calls and newspapers are not included. You must settle these direct with the hotel before leaving.

SEAT Assistance in Europe

Contact Numbers:

  • 24 hour helpline calling from the UK and abroad - 00 (0) 330 100 3642

When calling don’t forget that dialling and ringing tones differ from country to country and that the 00 (0) 330 100 3642 number may not work from some telephone networks. If you experience difficulties, please use the following numbers:

  • If you are in France, call 08 25 87 89 83
  • From any other European country 00 33 472 17 12 05

Call Charges and use of Public Telephones

Some call service providers may charge for calls to free phone numbers. It may be possible for the SEAT Assistance Call Centre to return a call to a mobile or a car phone, but your call service provider may charge you for this call. You are therefore recommended to use a public telephone if possible. In France, only those phone boxes displaying the blue bell sign can receive incoming calls. Please note that the SEAT ASSISTANCE regrets that it cannot reimburse any telephone costs incurred by your party.

What to do if you need Assistance - Before you call anyone:

1. If possible try and stop in a safe place out of the way of traffic.
2. Switch on hazard warning lights and sidelights.
3. Place warning triangle (s) behind Eligible Vehicle in a clearly visible position.
– Roads: approximately 30 metres behind.
– European Motorways: approximately 100 metres behind.
– UK Motorways: do not use a warning triangle as this is illegal for safety reasons.
4. Get all occupants to a place of safety away from moving traffic.

What to do on a French motorway:

Motorways in France are privately managed, so if you break down on a French motorway or motorway service area, SEAT ASSISTANCE cannot send out Assistance to you.

  1. If you can get to an emergency telephone box, please press the button and the police will send Assistance to your location.
  2. If you are using a public phone, please dial 17 or, from a mobile phone, dial 112.
  3. Once you have been towed off the motorway/service area, call the SEAT ASSISTANCE 24-hour helpline for further Assistance.

What to do elsewhere in France or the rest of Europe:

It is important that you contact SEAT ASSISTANCE helpline if you require Assistance. If you contact a garage direct, you will have to settle their bill and SEAT ASSISTANCE will not be obliged to reimburse you.

If you have had an accident

If you have a road traffic accident, You must supply your motor vehicle insurance details to us when We ask for this information. You must report the accident to your insurer as instructions for the repair or recovery of the vehicle can only be taken from them. If You do not supply us with the details of valid motor vehicle insurance when we ask you for this information, we reserve the right not to provide You with SEAT European Assistance.

Please be ready to tell us:

  1. Your registration number.
  2. Your exact location.
  3. A contact telephone number.
  4. Eligible Vehicle’s make and model.
  5. Your credit card details. These are only required for emergency vehicle hire or if you request SEAT to make arrangements on your behalf which are not covered by these Terms of Service or if arrangements exceed stated limits.

Driving Licence

Your driving licence must also be available if the emergency vehicle hire benefit is available and is to be used; the vehicle hire company will expect to see the original driving licence, together with paper counterpart, if you hold a photo-card licence.

Transportation of animals

Please note that We are not obliged to arrange transportation for any animals. You are responsible at all times for making alternative arrangements for the transportation of any animal accompanying You.

Geographic Limits

SEAT European Assistance applies within defined geographic limits of Europe specified below. If the Eligible Vehicle travels outside of the European geographic limit SEAT European Assistance will not apply and cannot be used by You for that portion of Your Trip.

“Europe” means – the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Republic of Ireland, all islands of the Mediterranean (excluding Northern Cyprus) and the following countries of mainland Europe: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (excluding Ceuta and Melilla), Sweden and Switzerland.

Cover does not apply to territories beyond mainland Europe. We reserve the right to amend the applicable European geographic limit of cover in the event of war, civil disturbance, riot or radioactive contamination.

Trailers and Caravans

Commercially built caravans, luggage trailers, camping trailers, car trailers, boat trailers, bike trailers, flatbed trailers and trailer tents that are being towed will be recovered with your SEAT car if it requires recovery providing that the combined weight and dimensions of the Eligible Vehicle and the caravan or trailer are within the weight and size restrictions shown below and do not exceed the manufacturer’s fully laden height, weight width limits and is fit for purpose. In addition, a spare wheel and tyre must be carried. It is also extremely difficult to hire vehicles with tow bars, so it may become necessary to repatriate a caravan or trailer together with the Eligible Vehicle, if the Eligible Vehicle cannot be repaired abroad by the return date. We will not cover personal effects/goods/vehicles/boats or other waterborne craft on or in Your vehicle/trailer nor consider any consequential loss. These remain Your responsibility at all times. Any type of vehicle or trailer not mentioned in these Terms of Service is not covered.

Recovery in the event of non repair

What is covered
The cost of recovery for the Eligible Vehicle, up to its current market value, to a single destination being either a) Your UK permanent Home address or b) Your nominated vehicle repairer in the UK or c) Your original destination within the SEAT European Assistance Geographic Limits, providing the cost does not exceed the cost of repatriating You to Your UK home address. We will also cover any reasonable storage charges incurred in the recovery. We may, at our discretion and depending on circumstances, arrange and agree with You an alternative method of recovery and cover reasonable costs. If repairs are started but not completed before Your planned return journey Home, we will arrange with You and pay for one person’s reasonable travel and accommodation costs to go directly overseas to collect the Eligible Vehicle.

What is not covered

  1. Recovery of the Eligible Vehicle if we calculate it to be beyond commercial economic repair. We will never pay more than the value of the Eligible Vehicle to bring it Home. If We advise You that the Eligible Vehicle is beyond commercial economic repair, we will give You up to 8 weeks after the original incident to agree suitable alternative arrangements with us for the recovery or disposal of the Eligible Vehicle. If we have no agreement after 8 weeks, we will consider You have authorised us to dispose of the Eligible Vehicle.
  2. Recovery where the Eligible Vehicle only needs minor or inexpensive repairs. We may agree Eligible Vehicle collection with You in these circumstances if repairs cannot be completed by Your booked return date.
  3. If You choose to have the Eligible Vehicle recovered onward to Your original destination You will not be entitled to any further recovery under SEAT European Assistance for any further part of or the full duration of that Trip.
  4. Recovery where the local garage can complete repairs before Your return date.
  5. Recovery costs for a vehicle if nobody in Your Party is fit to drive.
  6. Repatriation costs for You or Your Party if nobody in your party is fit to drive. In such circumstances, repatriation arrangements must be made for You by your personal travel insurer.
  7. Any losses resulting from delay in recovering the Eligible Vehicle.
  8. The cost of additional transit risk insurance. You should contact your motor vehicle insurers to ensure you have any additional cover required.
  9. The replacement cost of the Eligible Vehicle or any salvage money if the Eligible Vehicle is beyond commercial economic repair.
  10. Transportation costs for a repaired Eligible Vehicle.
  11. Separate transportation costs for personal effects/goods/vehicles/boats or other waterborne craft carried in or on the Eligible Vehicle/trailer. These remain Your responsibility at all times.
  12. Any repair costs after we have recovered Eligible Vehicle to Your Home or chosen garage in the UK.
  13. Any claim for vehicle collection costs where the overseas garage has not started the necessary repairs to put the Eligible Vehicle back on the road before You return Home.
  14. Any additional costs incurred for Your pets.
  15. Anything mentioned as not covered under SEAT Assistance in Europe
  16. Any matter excluded from cover under the General Terms of Service.


a. If the garage dismantles the Eligible Vehicle for repairs, which are then halted for any reason, neither we, nor the garage will accept responsibility for any parts returned in the Eligible Vehicle.
b. The luggage in the Eligible Vehicle always remains Your responsibility and any items left with the vehicle for recovery are left at Your own risk.
c. The cost of recovery is limited to the current market value of the Eligible Vehicle (calculated with reference to recognised trade guide books and the UK market). If We have any doubt as to whether the Eligible Vehicle will be economic to repair we reserve the right to arrange a vehicle inspection.
d. If the Eligible Vehicle has been involved in an accident which could be subject to a claim involving Your motor vehicle insurers, we reserve the right to obtain their formal agreement before we arrange the recovery of the Eligible Vehicle and to negotiate with them to reclaim a proportion of the costs incurred.
e. When vehicle recovery is arranged delivery of the vehicle may take 8–14 working days from Western European countries. At busy periods or from farther destinations, recovery may take longer.
f. Before you leave the Eligible Vehicle for recovery, you should remove all valuables and make sure anything left in the Eligible Vehicle is safely stowed. There is no duty-free allowance on an unaccompanied vehicle being recovered – take any dutiable items with You.
g. You must leave keys, including those for trailers, caravans or roof boxes in a safe place with the Eligible Vehicle, as Customs may need to unlock and inspect the vehicle(s).
h. When You are notified that the Eligible Vehicle is ready for collection, you will have 14 days to collect it. You will be responsible for any additional storage fees incurred beyond this period.
i. While We will seek to return the Eligible Vehicle, Your Party and your pet home together by the most suitable means, where this is practical and possible, We cannot be liable for any additional costs incurred for Your pet.

Onward travel arrangements

If the repairer estimates that the repairs to Eligible Vehicle will take more than seven hours, we will cover your reasonable and necessary costs for alternative travel as set out on page 3.

What is not covered

  1. Any additional charges arising from your use of the hire vehicle such as fuel costs, any insurance excess charges, or additional hire costs if you keep the vehicle longer than the period of hire agreed with us. You must pay these costs direct to the hirer.
  2. Any costs incurred if you leave a hire car at a different location to the one agreed with us or the hire company.
  3. Any costs incurred following your return to your home in the UK.
  4. Any additional costs incurred for your pet(s).


a. We cannot guarantee car hire availability or equivalent replacement of the Eligible Vehicle.
b. We cannot guarantee replacement vehicles can be supplied with a tow bar, and therefore your caravan or trailer may be recovered with your immobilised vehicle.
c. We cannot arrange a replacement mobile caravan or trailer nor can we arrange for replacement roof boxes. Personal effects/goods/vehicles/boats or other waterborne craft carried in or on the Eligible Vehicle, caravan or trailer remain your responsibility at all times.
d. Unless we agree otherwise with You, we will only cover hire car costs where we have arranged the hire. We cannot guarantee that hire cars will be available in all circumstances. You must be able to comply with the hirer’s Terms of Service, which will include:
- production of a full driving licence including any endorsements, valid at the time of issue of the hire vehicle (some companies may require additional information). If you have a photo-card style licence, you must carry the paper counterpart (D740) as well.
- production of a credit card. Arrangements for a hire car cannot be made without one
- drivers must be within the hirer’s minimum/maximum ages for the hire and comply with legislation in the country concerned and must have held a full driving licence for 12 months or more.
e. If You are travelling in an MPV or similar vehicle, we may have to arrange two hire cars. Otherwise we will make alternative travel arrangements.
f. Car hire companies’ terms may change and do vary. The requirements listed above are not exhaustive and compliance with them does not guarantee availability of a hire car. If You do not comply with the hire company’s terms or fail to return the vehicle to them as agreed, the hire company may take action against You.
g. In parts of Europe, hire cars are not permitted to cross national frontiers and it may be necessary to change hire cars at national borders. If You do not follow our, or the hirer’s instructions, You must pay any additional costs that You incur.
h. If we have arranged car hire for Your journey Home, a vehicle hired abroad cannot be used for any part of Your journey in the UK; a second UK registered vehicle will be arranged for this part of the trip.
i. For car hire or other alternative travel costs, wherever possible we will arrange and pay costs within the above overall limit. If the hirer will not accept our guarantee, we will ask You to pay and make a claim for these costs on Your return Home.
j. If the Eligible Vehicle is specially adapted for You or Your Party’s needs it is unlikely that we will be able to locate a similarly adapted vehicle overseas. We will seek with You to find a suitable alternative method of travel, within the benefit limit.

Overnight accommodation

If the repairer estimates that repairs to the Eligible Vehicle will take more than seven hours, we will cover Your reasonable and necessary costs for additional overnight accommodation on page 3.

What is not covered

  1. Meals, drinks, telephone calls and newspapers or any other costs incurred by You or Your Party. You must settle these direct with the hotel before leaving.
  2. Costs which You would have paid had no problem occurred with Your Eligible Vehicle.
  3. Costs where the need for accommodation arises from the transport of any animal.
  4. Costs for any animal’s emergency accommodation.
  5. Anything mentioned as not covered under SEAT Assistance in Europe
  6. Any matter excluded from cover under the General Terms of Service.


We will arrange and pay costs wherever possible. Where our guarantee is not accepted, You should pay and make a claim for these costs on Your return Home.

Significant and Unusual Exclusions or Limitations

  1. Service providers
    SEAT Assistance will usually be provided through a garage or a SEAT Service Partner or, if You are visiting a country where a motoring organisation operates, through that local motoring organisation.
    Third party service providers including garages, repairers, recovery operators, car hire companies, etc are not approved by nor act as agents for SEAT Assistance. SEAT Assistance is not liable for any acts or omissions of any such garages or other third parties.
    National holidays and working hours vary throughout Europe and are different to the UK. This will impact on the Assistance we are able to provide to You especially during busy periods.
    European garage mechanics and patrols are unlikely to speak English. SEAT Assistance breakdown cover will provide a translation service for You. If You need help, ring the 24-hour SEAT Helpline on 00 800 33 22 88 77.
  2. Cost of repairs and replacement parts
    Any advice regarding the cost of repairs provided by the SEAT Helpline will be indicative only and it is Your responsibility to ensure You have received and understood the quotation given by the repairer before agreeing to any work to be carried out. Any contract for repair will be between You and the repairer. If spare parts are not available locally, this will impact on the time taken for a repair.
  3. Mechanical Warranty
    While We will provide initial Assistance at the roadside, it is Your responsibility to ensure that any subsequent repairs are in accordance with and do not invalidate Your vehicle Warranty.
  4. Average Recovery time to the UK
    Vehicle recovery from Western Europe will take on average 10 - 14 working days. At busy periods and from further destinations recovery may take longer.
  5. Personal luggage and equipment
    Providing the trailer and goods meet the size restrictions, we will repatriate the trailer and its contents. Please note that Your personal effects/goods/vehicles/boats on or in the Eligible Vehicle/trailer remain Your responsibility at all times.
  6. Travelling with Pets
    We will not cover any additional costs incurred as a consequence of an animal travelling with You or Your Party.
  7. Replacement vehicles
    While we will try to source a replacement vehicle that meets Your needs, we cannot guarantee replacement vehicles of a specific make, model or type. Arrangements for vehicle hire cannot be made without a credit card.
  8. Service Liability
    Nothing shall limit our liability to You in the event of death or serious injury caused by our negligence.
  9. Motor Vehicle Insurance
    SEAT European Assistance is not motor vehicle insurance. It is your responsibility to check with your motor insurers to extend your motor vehicle insurance to provide comprehensive overseas cover. Failure to do so may reduce your cover to the national legal minimum level of motor insurance in the countries you are visiting. If You have a road traffic accident, You must supply your motor vehicle insurance details to us when we ask for this information. You must report the accident to the insurer as instructions for the repair or recovery of the Eligible Vehicle can only be taken from them.
  10. Exclusion of liability for loss of profit etc
  11. SEAT Assistance shall not, in any event, and to the extent permitted by law, have any responsibility for any increased costs or expenses, for any loss of profit, business, contracts, revenue or anticipated savings or for any special, indirect or consequential losses incurred as a result of or in connection with any service, whether resulting from tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty), breach of agreement or otherwise. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this clause or these Terms of Service shall exclude or restrict the AA's liability for negligence resulting in death or personal injury.

What is not covered

  1. Any costs for labour that are not incurred at the roadside.
  2. Any costs for replacement part(s), tyres, body glass, fuel, lubricants or other fluids, keys or other materials.
  3. Any costs for a locksmith, body glass, tyre or other specialist. If we consider that their services are needed, we will seek to arrange this on your behalf, but will not pay for the cost of the call out nor any repair.
  4. Any further Assistance for the incident, if the use of a locksmith or other specialist will mobilise the vehicle.
  5. Any costs for non-emergency repairs such as radios, CD players and heated rear windows, satellite navigation or air conditioning or climate control faults which do not affect the mobility or security of Eligible Vehicle nor render it unsafe to drive.
  6. Any costs resulting from failure to maintain or service the vehicle in accordance with manufacturer guidelines.
  7. Any costs incurred because you are not carrying a spare set of vehicle keys, or other vehicle access device, (where a spare set of keys or second vehicle access device is supplied by the manufacturer), a spare set of keys for steering wheel locks, where used, and a legal and serviceable spare wheel(s) and tyre(s) or an “instant mobility system” (where this is supplied with the vehicle).
  8. Any costs covered under Eligible Vehicle’s warranty.
  9. Any costs incurred where the vehicle is overloaded, used in rallying, off-road driving or in the Nürburgring or used in motor sports.


a. If we cannot arrange for a garage to accept our guarantee of costs, we will ask you to pay for any repairs undertaken at the time and reclaim such costs when You return Home from Your Trip.
b. We cannot guarantee that any tow to a local repairer will be within opening hours or that the repairer will be available to undertake any necessary repair immediately.
c. Any contract for repair will be between You and the repairer.
d. If You insist on authorising lengthy or expensive repairs contrary to our advice, we reserve the right to refuse any further service.
e. We will only seek to arrange a guarantee of costs within the limits we cover and You will have to pay the repairing garage for extra costs and the costs of parts.
f. Any advice regarding the cost of repairs provided by the SEAT Helpline will be indicative only and it is your responsibility to ensure You have received and understood the quotation given by the repairer before agreeing to any work to be carried out.
g. If You are not the owner of the vehicle, You must check with the owner before you authorise any repairs.
h. Repair costs can vary from those in the UK.
i. Before You pay the bill and take the Eligible Vehicle away from the garage, check the work carefully to make sure it is satisfactory. Report any problem to us immediately, while You are still overseas, as it may be very difficult for You to have a faulty repair corrected or to get any redress after You have paid the bill and returned home.
j. If the garage cannot complete the repairs within 8 hours or until after your planned return home, You must contact us to discuss your options. You must keep in touch with us to confirm any further entitlements under the benefits.
k. If Eligible Vehicle has left the highway and you ask for Assistance when it is in a ditch, standing on soft ground, sand or shingle, or stuck in water or snow, any recovery to a place of safety we arrange for You will be at Your cost.

General Terms of Service

1. While We seek to arrange or provide the benefits under SEAT Assistance cover at all times, this may not always be possible – for example, when we are faced with circumstances outside our reasonable control, such as (without limitation) extreme weather conditions, local customs or practices, local or national fuel shortage, civil unrest, equipment or systems failure or any form of industrial action which prevents, restricts or otherwise interferes with the production of goods or the provision of services.

2. We, our employees or agents, shall not be liable to you for any loss or damage caused by us, our employees or agents where, and to the extent that:

a. there is no breach of a legal duty owed to you or your party by us or our employees or agents;

b. such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of such breach;

c. any such loss or damage or increase in the same, results from any breach or omission by You or member of Your Party.

We, our employees and agents, shall not in any event, be liable for losses relating to any business interests you or a member of Your Party may have including, without limitation, lost data, lost profit, loss of opportunity or of business or for business interruption, lost contracts, revenue or anticipated savings. We have the right to refuse to provide service where we consider that You or any member of your Party is behaving or has behaved in a threatening or abusive manner to our employees, patrols or agents, or to any third party contractor and we reserve the right to invalidate cover at any time if, in our opinion, You have misused services provided under this cover.

3. We will not cover anyone in Your Party for any claims arising directly or indirectly from:

a. psychotic mental illness; being under the influence of drink or drugs, (except as prescribed by a doctor);

b. alcoholism, drug addiction, solvent abuse, wilful exposure to risk (unless trying to save someone’s life);

c. engaging in professional or organised sports or hazardous pursuits;

d. direct or indirect consequences of terrorist activity, war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power;

e. having an accident whilst engaged in paid manual work or hazardous occupation of any kind;

f. the negligent acts of you or your party;

g. any failure to take all reasonable steps to minimise any loss;

h. any payment which you would normally have made, if nothing had gone wrong.

4. Nothing shall restrict or limit our liability for death or personal injury in the event of our negligence.

5. If we do not enforce or rely upon any of these Terms of Service on a particular occasion or occasions, this does not prevent us from subsequently relying on or enforcing them.

6. The headings used in this booklet are for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation of its contents.

7. If at the time of making a claim you have any cover covering the same risk, we are entitled to contact the Insurer for a contribution.

Calls may be recorded or monitored for training purposes or to improve the quality of our service.

Whilst we make every effort to guarantee costs within the benefits on your behalf, there will be occasions when we will ask You to pay the bill locally and reclaim agreed costs when You return Home. To obtain a claim form, please telephone 01256 493580 or email: overseasclaims@theaa.com, or, by post to SEAT European Assistance, Fanum House, Basing View, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 4EA. Please quote the Eligible Vehicle registration number and any additional reference You may have been given by our Operational staff. Please return the completed form urgently to us, with original receipts.

1. You should submit a claim to us within 31 days of Your return Home, except legal claims which should be submitted within 180 days.

2. You must produce original receipts for expenditure before we will pay any claim.

3. We will not accept any alterations to the terms of this insurance, unless a duly authorised official of ours has confirmed changes in writing.

4. You must send us every legal letter, writ or other legal document, in connection with any claim against you or another member of your party, immediately you receive it.

5. If We guarantee costs on your behalf, You must repay us on demand for any expenses not covered by this insurance. We will not settle any claim for costs you paid under this insurance until you have repaid us in full.

6. We may pay you our full liability under the cover at any time, and once we have done so, no further payments will be made. The benefit limits for each section and overall claim limit show the maximum payable for one trip, irrespective of the number of incidents during your trip.

7. If You or anyone acting for You deliberately makes a false claim or statement, SEAT European Assistance insurance will become invalid and we will not pay any claims.

8. We will not cover anything excluded under General Terms of Service.

9. You must obtain and submit any original certificates, information, evidence and receipts required by us at Your expense.

10. We are entitled to take over any rights your party may have in the defence or settlement of any claim and to take proceedings in Your or any other member of Your Party’s name for our benefit against any other party.

11. You must not admit liability, offer or promise to make any payment in admission of liability unless we agree to it in writing.

12. You must do all that You can to keep Your claims as low as possible and to prevent loss, theft or damage.

13. In the event of Your intended method of travel and/or route being unavailable due to an insured cause, You and Your Party must take suitable steps to travel by the most reasonable alternative method or route.

14. We will be entitled to pursue claims against third parties on their own behalves in the name of and to the same degree as you would be entitled, in relation to any outlays of ours under the cover.