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Cars aged 0-12 months

If you've bought a new SEAT in the last 12 months you’re eligible for a Service Plan covering your first 2 services¹.

Budget effectively

Our service plans are worry free and ensure that you’re taking the best care possible of your car, today and tomorrow

This is available for 24 monthly payments of £20.50 or £492 upfront.



Service plan for cars 0-12 months

Covering first two services


 1st Service2nd Service
Car Serviced to SEAT UK's specific warranty requirements
Premium synthetic oil change
Change oil filter
Comprehensive vehicle inspection and report
Check and top up screenwash
Check for vehicle safety, software and product enhancements from SEAT's database (implement with customer's approval)
Vehicle fault memory check and report
Pollen filter replacement (where required) 
Reset service interval display 
Vehicle road test
Courtesy wash and vacuum
SEAT proof of service


The Benefits

A SEAT Service Plan can start at any point in the service cycle. Should you decide to sell your car, you can transfer a SEAT Service Plan to a new owner, once all the payments have been made – but not to another car.

  • Choose any SEAT Retailer from our network 
  • Easy free drop off and collection
  • Loan car or courtesy car²
  • SEAT recommended video service report
  • Wash and vacuum at every service
  • 2 year warranty on parts³
  • SEAT Proof of service

¹ Available for vehicles up to 1 year old only. Coverage varies according to the service plan purchased. ​Number of monthly payments vary depending on plan purchased for vehicles under 200,000 miles. ​Servicing must be carried out in line with the requirements of the service schedule and all work must be carried out at a SEAT Authorised Repairer. Additional work, including wear and tear, is excluded. Service Plan validity is dependent on required payments received. 


² Subject to availability and Retailer terms and conditions.


³ 2 year warranty on parts excludes wear and tear items.