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Trade information

Keeping Independent Operators Repair-ready
SEAT always makes sure independent operators have access to the technical information, diagnostic teams, tools and information programmes that they need, along with all the relevant information required to repair and maintain all SEAT vehicles.

Need Special Tools?
To order tools and equipment please contact Volkswagen Group directly, by visiting https://tps.trade/centre-finder.

Training Information
If you would like any information about technical or non-technical training, please contact our National Learning Centre and they will be able to help you with details of available courses and how to book. The National Learning Centre can be contacted on 01908 601595 or askthenlc@vwg.co.uk.

Technical Advice for Independent Garages
Your first port of call for SEAT vehicle repairs will be the technical literature provided by SEAT. 

Before you undertake any repairs, we ask that you please make sure you have the necessary technical literature, a sufficiently trained technician and the necessary workshop tools and equipment to be able to carry out the work required.

If you are an Independent workshop and have a technical enquiry please use the Repairer Technical Escalation Form.

Authorised Repairers

Becoming an SEAT Authorised Repairer
If you're interested in becoming an SEAT Authorised Repairer, please apply via email to the address below:
SEAT Network Development – VWGUKfranchising@vwg.co.uk

You will then be contacted by SEAT UK who will require that you:
Complete a Confidentially agreement  and pay £2500 for your application.
Following receipt of these SEAT UK will require that you:
1) Understand and meet all aspects of the SEAT Authorised Repairer Standards.
2) Complete a physical audit undertaken by SEAT UK appointed auditors.
3) Successfully complete the authorisation audit, which will be confirmation that you have achieved the standards.

 SEAT Authorised Repairer AgreementDiagnostic Systems and Security Components
For technical information about Diagnostic Systems (security and component protection e.g. key code, radio code etc.) contact us at: independent.workshop@vwg.co.uk.