SEAT Motability makes it easier for you to get on the road. Simply finding a SEAT with the right features for you can go a long way. Like automatic gear boxes, push button ignition, height-adjustable seats. And that’s just for starters. 


Get to know adaptations

SEAT Motability adaptations are modifications to your SEAT Motability car. They can make loads of things simpler – getting in and out of your car, how you drive it and carrying important essentials, like a wheelchair or scooter. 

The good news is that many adaptations are completely free. And we can help you find out which ones could be right up your street. 


Make your car, your car

If you think adaptations might be right for you, come and talk to the Motability Specialist at your local SEAT Dealer to find out more. They can help you choose the things that will make your car just right for you. That way, you’ll have everything you need, right from the beginning. Or they could even help you find your local Assessment Centre so you can see, hands-on, what adaptations could help you.