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The even sportier Tarraco FR.

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SEAT makes its largest SUV even more desirable with the introduction of the Tarraco FR, which brings an exclusive exterior and interior look, specific chassis setup and engines that deliver the performance and efficiency with the sporty touch customers demand.

The introduction of the SEAT Tarraco FR offers even more, building on its already solid position in the market, but adding a new dimension to the large SUV.

FR version enhances sportiness with an exclusive exterior and interior.

The SEAT Tarraco FR injects a sportier dynamic into the line-up, through its stronger, more exclusive exterior design language; from the instant the driver takes their seat and holds the steering wheel, to the vehicle’s beating heart – its range of engines – and the chassis which is tuned to deliver a more involved driving experience.

The FR badge is an important part of SEAT’s offering, one that signifies a different character to the vehicles in the line-up, and helps the brand build its position in the market.

Customers are keen to purchase FR versions and have been waiting for the SEAT Tarraco FR which will form a strong part of the large SUV’s positioning in the market, accounting for a large proportion of the vehicles that roll off the production line at the Wolfsburg facilities.

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