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The new SEAT Leon


Dynamic indicators

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Full LED indicators that indicate a turn with an eye-catching, dynamic light pattern.



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You’re always connected to your car with SEAT CONNECT services. So you get updated maps on the way, plus it helps you find your car’s parking position.


SEAT Digital Cockpit

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Advanced technology that displays maps, music and driving assistants in one customisable screen.


Rear Lights

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Fully illuminated rear design with stylish coast to coast lighting.

The future looks bright

Bold. Strong. Connected.

The new SEAT Leon. A sportier look. Modern interiors. And connectivity for a smoother driving experience.

Exterior design

It’s time to shine.

Distinctive lines and sporty details bring the new SEAT Leon’s fresh look to life.

New Leon rear badge

Sophisticated script adds more character to the stylish exterior.

Performance 18″ Alloy Wheels

Get there in a flash and arrive in style in sporty 18" alloy wheels.

Coast-to-Coast light

A continuous LED light highlights the full length of the dynamic rear design.

Bold front grille

Move forward with the attractive diamond design.

Interior design

Live light. Live bright.

It’s all about being in the moment. Explore the next level of connectivity, space and comfort in the new SEAT Leon.

Quality design

Stylish upholstery and seats in the sporty FR version.

Digital Cockpit

All the technology you need for any journey.

Park Assist

Park hands-free with an advanced rear view camera.

Wraparound ambient light

Create a dynamic dashboard with this sporty LED light.


A new way to do it all.

The new 10″ navigation system with touchslider and voice control lets you connect to your phone and easily manage interior comfort.


Your car. Always within reach.

More connected than ever before. SEAT CONNECT helps you manage your vehicle both from the driver’s seat or from anywhere you are.

Use voice commands or your smartphone for:

  • Infotainment services that also update you on traffic.
  • Parking, petrol stations and the best routes.
  • Remotely unlocking and locking your car.


Assistance at all times.

Side & Exit Assist use advanced sensors to monitor blind spots when changing lanes, pulling out of a spot or exiting the car*.

Want to be kept informed about the new SEAT Leon?

SEAT Leon e-Hybrid

Powered by new beginnings.

A new electric experience. Keep enjoying the power of driving but with a low-emission engine. The SEAT Leon e-Hybrid.

* Please note that some images may not reflect UK specification or may only be available as an option.