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New SEAT e-mobility training centre.

SEAT is gearing up for an electric future. In keeping with its firm commitment to training and employment, the company has set up the electromobility Learning Centre (eLC), its own training facility in electromobility. The new 400 square metre building, located in the heart of the Martorell factory, offers a complete programme on the electric vehicle, which has been especially designed by SEAT. The aim is to train employees in all aspects related to new electric technology, mechanics and safety.

“The future is electric. This is why at SEAT we are committed to training and developing the talent of our workers. With the creation of the electromobility Learning Centre, the company’s new electromobility training facility, we aim to offer our more than 15,000 employees all the necessary tools to be able to face the challenges of tomorrow”, says SEAT executive Vice-president for Human Resources and Organisation Xavier Ros.

The new centre provides informative training for all SEAT employees, focusing on general knowledge of the electric car. More specialised training is also provided to learn how to connect and disconnect electrical systems, as well as how to carry out work with high active voltage. It also includes a course to raise awareness among the entire workforce about the importance of safety procedures in electric vehicles. Depending on the duration of the courses, the cost of training per employee is between 75 and 600 euros.  

During the recent lockdown due to COVID-19, the company also offered all its employees the possibility of taking an online course on Awareness of Electric Vehicles. To date, 8,600 people have participated.

SEAT opens the doors of its new electromobility training centre.

This centre is an addition to SEAT’s training activities. The company offers an ambitious programme aimed at boosting the professional growth of its more than 15,000 employees and preparing them for the future challenges facing the automotive industry. In 2019, SEAT allocated 23 million euros to the advancement of its employees in different projects and fields, amounting to an investment of 1,500 euros per person.

The electrification of SEAT

The new electromobility Training Centre, whose construction is included in the 5 billion euro investment plan announced by the company, consolidates SEAT’s commitment to training as the cornerstone of its transformation towards the electric vehicle. With a wide range of ad hoc training courses, the company’s employees will be prepared to manufacture hybrid electric and pure electric vehicles.

The Spanish carmaker is currently undergoing a transformation towards the electrification of the company and its brands. SEAT and CUPRA are going to launch five new electric and plug-in hybrid models in 2020 and 2021, which will join the electric version of the SEAT Mii, already on the market. The Leon family will have plug-in hybrid electric models under the SEAT and CUPRA brand, manufactured in Martorell; the SEAT Tarraco will have a PHEV version and the CUPRA Formentor, the first model designed and developed for the CUPRA brand, will also have a plug-in hybrid electric variant, which will be manufactured in Martorell. In addition, the CUPRA Born will join the SEAT Mii electric as the company’s second fully electric vehicle.