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70 years in contrast.

In these past 70 years, SEAT has evolved with the passing of time, and the change becomes visible in the following selection of images.

1. The first model vs the latest. In 1953, SEAT launched its first car, the 1400. 70 years later, the company's latest model, the fourth generation SEAT Leon, is a sign of the brand's evolution, though without losing its essence.

2. The Ibiza. 35 years and five generations later, the SEAT Ibiza is still an icon. Its straight lines have been revitalised while retaining its distinctive huge windows and the engine is now more powerful and efficient, but the model that helped internationalise the company remains synonymous with youth and a Mediterranean character.

3. The factory. While cars at SEAT were initially produced manually, automation has now helped to reduce the strain on workers and cut production time. Robots and other collaboratives coexist with workers in the assembly lines.

4. The electric car. SEAT's first electric model was built for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. It was a custom made Toledo to accompany the Olympic flame and open the marathon event that had its power charger concealed behind the front grille. Today, the Mii Electric is SEAT's first 100% electric model, and it has incorporated the latest electric technology to boost the efficiency of its batteries.

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