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5 Driving Myths You Might Believe

SEAT have recently done a survey on 2,000 motorists across the UK, asking them questions to test how much they know about the laws of the road. We asked them to say whether a range of statements were either true or false... providing us with some very clear driving myths that we're here to bust!


Don't forget to brush up on your knowledge on the highway code and see how many of these you already knew.

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1) You are not allowed to drive barefoot

There is no law against driving barefoot. However, a driver must always be in full control of their vehicle and so it is advised against to drive barefoot. Wet and slippy feet or not enough footwear could lead to less control when trying to react and break in time.

2. You are not allowed to drive in flip flops and wellington boots

Once again, although it is advised against - it is not illegal to drive in flip flops or wellington boots even though nearly half of people survey thought it was. Flip flops and any loose fitting shoes can be very risky to drive in because they could get caught underneath the peddles of the break. Wellington boots and other heavy shoes can also pose a risk as they don't give you as much control, especially if they're wet from the rain or the snow! 

Footwear when driving should always be suitable and allow you to have the control you need to react to situations on the road. 

3. The only time you can enter an active bus lane is to let an emergency vehicle pass

Even if an emergency vehicle is trying to pass, you could still be fined for going into an active bus lane! The majority of the time however, the emergency vehicle would likely be using the bus lane - so best to keep it clear and save yourself a nasty fine!

4. Children under the age of 12 must sit in the back seat

Although it is highlighy advised the children under 12 sit in the back seat, again, there is no law on it. However, it is a requirement that passenger seat air bags are deactivated if you are using a rearward car seat, regardless of if they're sat in the front or the back.

5. It is illegal to drive at night with the interior light on

This is a bit of a tricky one, no it's not illegal to drive at night with the interior light on. However, if you are pulled over when driving with it on at night you could be charged with careless driving if the officer believes it's affected your driving. 

The more you know!