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New Leon World Premiere 28th January 2020

  • Boldness, elegance and sportiness key characteristics of all-new SEAT Leon
  • Strong design evolution giving a more purposeful presence to best-seller
  • The all-new SEAT Leon will be revealed at 19:00 GMT Tuesday 28 January 2020
  • Register your interest in new Leon at www.seat.co.uk/leon

Milton Keynes, 14/01/2019: The all-new SEAT Leon is almost here. The brand’s latest vehicle arrives with a strong design evolution that keeps the soul of previous generations of Leon. Its design philosophy connects perfectly with the values of the SEAT brand.

The all-new SEAT Leon builds on the appeal of its predecessor but with a strong design evolution, giving it a more purposeful presence, aided by its improved dimensions, refreshed front visual, sculpted rear design and smoother lines that connect the two.

“The all-new SEAT Leon has been designed by our team with courage, simplicity and executed with strength and determination. Simplicity because at SEAT, we believe that most things can be said with just a few lines. Determination and strength because those are some of the attributes that make our cars recognizable seducing at first glance”, said Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Director of Design at SEAT.

The body surfaces have evolved, with stronger shapes creating more shift in the light and colour tone across the body, which together create a more elegant design. This creates a vehicle with a multi-layered, three-dimensional aesthetic.

The rear character is emphasised by the coast-to-coast LED lights. The sculpted boot is designed to maintain the dynamic personality of the vehicle. Both the lighting system and spoiler create a concept of speed, even when the car is not moving.

The all-new SEAT Leon has been designed and developed, and will be built at SEAT’s facilities in Martorell.

The reveal of the all-new SEAT Leon will take place at 19:00 GMT (20:00 CET) Tuesday 28th January 2020.