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Business and Personal Car Leasing

SEAT offers a comprehensive range of Contract Hire options for both private and business customers. Car leasing lets you drive the SEAT you love with no worries about the associated expenses of owning a car, its future value or the hassle of eventually selling once you're ready to replace it.

Our experts will help you decide on a contract hire plan that suits you with a fixed term from one to four years and agreed mileage. You can add servicing and tyre costs to your agreement to make budgeting even easier. At the end of the agreement, you just hand the vehicle back and start a new agreement with a brand new SEAT.

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Why choose personal contract hire?

· You choose your SEAT, the mileage allowance and the fixed monthly repayment period

· You won’t have to worry about the car’s future value or eventually reselling it

· Affordable monthly repayments

· At the end of the fixed term, simply return the car

· For more information or to get a quote, contact your local SEAT Dealer.