Why use Genuine Oil?

Genuine Oil uses a thinner viscosity to support your car to perform at its best – reducing friction and protecting your engine under extreme performance conditions.

Using the revolutionary gas to liquid technology, a process that converts natural gas into crystal-clear base oil with virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil. Producing a base oil that provides enhanced viscosity, friction and volatility performance compared to other traditional base oils. 

The Genuine Oil range meets the approvals and recommendations for the entire SEAT range, contact your local Retailer to find out which oil is best for your vehicle.


1 in 3 cars need an oil top up. Does yours?


SEAT recommend using Genuine Oil when you top up your oil level. You can ask your local SEAT Retailer for the exact grade required for your car.

Check your oil level regularly to maintain engine performance between servicing. If necessary top up your oil.

- With today’s demanding driving conditions, it is more vital than ever to check your oil regularly

- If you wait until the oil light comes on it is often too late

- Always top up with the correct specification of oil

- Low oil levels or topping up with the wrong oil can potentially cause damage to your engine

- Ask your Retailer for a 1 litre top up bottle to ensure you always have the right oil for your car

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