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Servicing Options




Car Serviced to SEAT UK's specific warranty requirements
Car serviced to SEAT UK's recommendations
Premium synthetic oil change
Change oil filter
Change fuel filter (diesel engines where required)  
Comprehensive vehicle inspection and report
Check and top up screenwash and antifreeze
Check for outstanding vehicle safety, software and product enhancements from SEAT's database
Vehicle fault memory check and report
Air filter replacement  
Pollen filter replacement
Check suspension system  
Check and adjust tension of drive belts  
Remove all wheels for full inspection of braking system  
Replace spark plugs (petrol engines)  
Check heating air conditioning operation  
Reset service interval display
Vehicle road test
SEAT stamp in service book
Courtesy wash and vacuum
FREE SEAT Roadside Assistance (when service booked online)

* Book your service online and free SEAT roadside assistance (for cars 2-15 years old)
Two year warranty on SEAT approved parts. Excludes wear and tear items.

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