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Contract Hire

How it works

Once you have chosen your SEAT and decided on your initial rental, you need to make three decisions that will affect the monthly rental payments:

Your rental payment period

Choose any period between 12 and 48 months

Mileage per year

Choose how many miles you expect to drive each year


Choose to include a service, maintenance and tyres plan in your agreement


Once you have paid all outstanding rentals, simply return the car, subject to wear & tear and excess mileage.


What benefits does Contract Hire offer?

‣  Contract Hire is ideal for customers simply wanting to pay a monthly rental for the vehicle, change it on a regular fixed period and have no disposal risk

‣  You won’t own the vehicle and therefore won’t have the worry of ownership

‣   There is no additional final payment at the end of the agreement

‣   If you are a business user:

        • A proportion of the rentals may be claimable as an expense against taxable profits

        • An element of the VAT on rentals may be recoverable by VAT registered businesses*

‣   You can build in a service, maintenance and tyres plan to make budgeting even easier

What happens at the end of my agreement?

At the end of your agreement you just pay any outstanding fees and hand the vehicle back to SEAT Financial Services.

Will I own the vehicle?

No, you are hiring the vehicle and will hand it back at the end of the agreement.

Important information to consider

- Ownership of the vehicle will always remain with Volkswagen Financial Services and it is really important that you keep up to date with your monthly repayments. 

- Contract Hire agreements are not designed to be settled early. If you wish to end your agreement early you can request an early termination quote to cover the cost of the remaining rentals.

- If you exceed the agreed mileage set out in your agreement then excess mileage charges will apply. If during your agreement you think you will go over your anticipated mileage then please contact SEAT Financial Services to discuss the options available.

- It is important to keep your vehicle in good condition as you may be charged for any damage that goes beyond fair wear and tear.