Sharing the value of listening

At SEAT, we're known for our optimism and positivity, always welcoming personal interactions with an open mind.  This is why our partnership with CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) is so close to our hearts. We recognise that it's difficult to find the right time and the right place to open up and this is why we launched the "Language of Listening".  Read all about our campaign below...

When was the last time you asked a mate not just how they were doing? You know, how they were really doing? Sitting down and checking in with other people isn’t just a decent gesture, it can literally be a lifesaver. When a mate is showing signs that they aren’t okay, it can be tempting to brush it off and not ask, in case things get awkward.

Men aren’t always great at letting each other know when things are getting too much. In fact, only 55% of men experiencing depression will let anyone know about it* and 84% of men say they bottle up their emotions*. Every week, 125 people in the UK take their own lives and 75% of them are male*. The stats are shocking and we all want to do our bit, but it isn’t always easy knowing how to help.

You may remember our first successful and most notable collaboration with CALM, the “Grow a Pair" campaign. We created a mural in central London with two enormous ears to draw attention to the power of listening. Receiving widespread press coverage and raising awareness across the country, no one could have predicted how relevant this was to be, as events unfolded during the course of 2020.

Mental health has rarely been challenged as strongly as this before. In fact, CALM has received a record number of calls throughout the pandemic and we at SEAT, wanted to do our bit to help.

With widespread financial uncertainty, combined with a dramatic increase in demand for CALM’s support services in 2020, we wanted to support CALM in any way we could. As a result, we provided six months of funding to the frontline operation to ensure that they could cope with this unprecedented increase in demand for their resources.

Now that life is returning to the “new normal”, we want to offer continued support to CALM and as a result, we’ve developed a three-part series of short films called “The Language of Listening”. Research has found that cars are private spaces where people find it easier to open up. Often, when two people are facing the same way, they feel more comfortable talking about their feelings. Starring listening guru Hugo Chegwin, the films are based on two friends about to set off on a journey in their car, one of them is clearly struggling. Containing helpful tips, they’ll help you master all the skills you need to start a meaningful dialogue with a friend in need in no time.

Take a look at our short films below:

Episode 1: Listen Up

Episode 2: Just Ask

Episode 3: No Distractions

So go on, the next time you’re driving to the game, or to the gym, or waiting outside for that one guy we all know who spends an eternity making their hair perfect, why not use the time to check in? That’s “The Language of Listening”, and it could make a massive difference.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, take a look at the CALM website. No matter who you are or what you’re going through, it’s free, anonymous, and confidential.

*Source : Calm 2021