SEAT support people and organisations who challenge conventions and old ways of thinking to move themselves and society forwards.

So, this year, we’re championing a cause that affects many people in the UK: talking openly about mental health. SEAT are working with CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) to create positive, meaningful change so that, together, we can challenge the things holding men back from speaking up about their mental health.

To launch the partnership, we wanted to tackle one of the stigmas facing men who want to be open about mental health: the old-fashioned view that they should “man up” and “just get on with it”.

We’ve taken “Grow a pair” – a negative phrase often used to tell someone to “man up” – and turned it into a positive statement about starting important conversations with mates.

Consequently, “Grow a pair” encourages men in the UK to think differently about mental health and move forward into a new period of open and positive conversation.

We see this phrase as a meaningful call to action that will encourage people to speak up and reach out to one another in relation to mental health. As a result, we decided to convey the “Grow a pair” message in a big way by taking over an entire façade of a building in London and urging people to lean in and listen to those close to them. Sometimes, just being there to listen is the most powerful thing a friend can do.

If you or someone you know need to talk, support is within reach at CALM.