Your car is designed for the minimum of maintenance but it is really important to have certain jobs carried out at the recommended intervals, in addition to regular servicing. These jobs are in effect preventative maintenance to keep you safe or save you from bigger bills down the line. In addition some components, like brakes or tyres, will occasionally need replacing due to wear and tear. They will be inspected and their condition noted at your next service. Your SEAT dealer will always provide a fixed price quote and advice of when the job needs doing. That way you can be sure of safe and carefree driving.

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It's vital for your safety that your braking system is well-maintained and checked regularly. Your brake pads and brake discs should be checked at least every 12 months, while brake fluid should be replaced once every two years, once your SEAT is three years old. Be careful because not all brake materials are equal – by using your SEAT dealer you will have materials which conform to SEAT’s rigorous original manufacture specification.

Brake fluid change £49
Front or rear pads/ shoes £109
Rear pads and discs £209
Front pads and discs £259


Most SEAT engines are fitted with a cambelt. Your cambelt works very hard to drive vital engine components over hundreds of millions of revolutions and so is recommended for change every 5 years or a mileage interval if sooner. A broken cambelt could lead to engine failure costing £000’s to repair, so it is a wise change to make. And besides it is covered by a unique 5 year warranty with unlimited cover for consequential engine damage should it snap in operation.
The water pump is driven by the cambelt and involves stripping the same area of the engine as the cambelt. It is not uncommon for a water pump to fail after fitting a newly tensioned cambelt so it is recommended to change it at the same time, saving you additional cost later on.

Cambelt and water pump  
Cambelt (Petrol) £299
Cambelt (Diesel) £369
Water pump on its own £229
Water pump (when replaced with cambelt saves £100) £129

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Your air conditioning system should be checked and refreshed every other year to keep it working efficiently and free of microbial, fungal and bacterial contamination. Loss of efficiency due to depletion of the air-con gas will affect your cooling in summer and demisting in winter. A simple refresh is recommended every other year from year 2 and an air-conditioning service every other year from year 3. Upon request, your SEAT dealer will perform a temperature efficiency check free of charge to ascertain whether the service is absolutely necessary.

Air conditioning temperature efficiency check Free
Air conditioning refresh £29
Air conditioning service £69


Small but important safety items, we'll ensure you get the right wiper blades and bulbs for your SEAT. Wiper blades and bulbs can be fitted for free at your local SEAT dealer.

Fitted for free when brought from us (10-minute fitting limit)


Your clutch controls the smooth transmission of power from the engine to the gearbox and wheels. Your driving style will affect how often the clutch should be replaced, although it will be checked as part of your regular service.

Clutch exchange £499


If you are short of time or don’t like checking your car over, our 28-point visual safety check gives you peace of mind that your key items like oil level, tyre pressures and tread depths, brake pads and screen wash are in order. SEAT technicians will also ensure that all vital levels are topped up where required. We recommend you do this every 6 months between services.

28-point safety check and top-ups                                 £29


To help meet stringent emission regulations, diesel engines on larger cars (SEAT Alhambra) need an additive called Adblue. This should be topped up when your warning light comes on and can be done while you wait at your dealer. And like all It’s Fixed jobs there is one price irrespective of how much you need to put in.

AdBlue® top-up                                                            £39