Altea Crossover


Everybody likes the great outdoors but let’s be honest, sometimes it needs to be livened up a bit. The optimised SEAT Altea Freetrack is just the car for the job. This crossover car has a spirit of its own, free, wild, yet giving you the comfort and functionality you demand. The spirit of the car is out there – the great outdoors – and this four-wheel drive vehicle isn’t afraid to get into it and its hands dirty… even if you don’t have to.


This is the perfect combination of comfort and functionality for those who want adventure with a touch of style. The SEAT Altea Freetrack flirts between wild abandon and cool urban chic, a car that embodies the spirit of nature with its crossover values. While the SEAT Altea Freetrack feels at home on rough terrain it still retains its stylish good looks and city appeal, with its sleek attractive design and practical details pleasing both the adventurous and the practical side of your personality.

This beautiful piece of machinery also boasts practicality and functionality - an incredible availability of space in the interior, as well as the latest in technology ensuring power and reliability under the bonnet.

Who said that a venture into the wilderness had to be uncivilised?