At SEAT we are proud of our intense commitment to the environment and to putting our environmental policies into practice. We aim to offer a comprehensive and innovative approach combining environmental protection with the pleasure of driving our cars.

You can choose between two efficient engines (1.0 60 PS and 1.0 75 PS) in the SEAT Mii. Both are designed to deliver optimum performance while reducing emissions to just 105 and 108 g/km of CO2, respectively.

If you want to go even greener, choose the Ecomotive engine. Its development is the realisation of our dream to produce some of the most efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicles on the market, without sacrificing our passion for driving.

With an Ecomotive engine your SEAT Mii will be more efficient, with greatly reduced fuel consumption and even lower CO2 emissions of just 95g/km.

And though we are committed to doing our bit for the future, the SEAT Mii will also do more for you every day.

Because life is lived today. Because living without worrying about your pocket is living better. Living to the full.

Petrol Engines: 

  • 1.0 60PS - 105 g/km CO2
  • 1.0 60PS Ecomotive - 95 g/km CO2
  • 1.0 75PS - 108 g/km CO2
  • 1.0 75PS Auto - 105 g/km CO2
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