SEAT Ibiza, the car that has grown with the generations

The SEAT Ibiza, has been a car that is indelibly present in the collective memory of the generation of the 80s. It has marked many milestones in the lives of its owners and participated in the great moments of our recent history.

At its birth in 1984, it positioned itself as a car for modern youth, who danced to the beats of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and dreamed about progress with the film Back to the Future.

Since then, the SEAT Ibiza has continued to evolve, and it has matured alongside the brand. We have seen the evolution of the Ibiza versions 1.5 SXI, GTI, Cupra, Ecomotive and more. Although each version has been different, each design has got better and more modern. Both the SEAT Ibiza and the generation that grew up with this car still keep their essence.

The new SEAT Ibiza launched in the spring of 2012, combines design, technology, and innovation with the tradition of a car that has always stirred emotions in its owners. It arrives in the age of Avatar and 3D cinema, the era of Spotify and iPad, but we can be sure that its journey will not stop here, because like the generation of the 80s, the SEAT Ibiza has not aged—it has evolved!—and it will continue to do so for many years.

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